The #RevolutionaryToken was created to raise support for revolutionary leaders that dream of a better world and that fight to make their dreams come true.

21st Century revolutions are not violent and their heroes are common citizens that, freely, choose to pursue–in a passionate, creative, and innovative manner–positive solutions with great social impact for the greatest problems of humanity.

If you want peace, prepare the revolution!


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About the #RevolutionaryToken


Throughout history, tokens have been used to finance revolutions. In our days, non-violent #Revolutions of IDEAS are still required to defeat some of humanities most formidable enemies: tyranny, corruption, abuses of authority, poverty, and ignorance.

Following the footsteps of patriots and revolutionary heroes–and making use of the latest innovations in blockchain technology–we created the #RevolutionaryToken..


The #RevolutionaryToken is the World’s First Crypto Token created to raise support for revolutionary leaders that dream of a better world and that fight to make their dreams come true.

It is the first application of blockchain technology to leverage fundraising efforts of think tanks, NGOs, and social enterprises.

IDEAS Labs through the creation of the #RevolutionaryToken, opened a new space where FinTech solutions can be put to the service of society.


The #RevolutionaryToken project will have an important impact in, at least, three dimensions:

1. Education of the general public about blockchain technologies and its uses, through the process of acquisition of a #RevolutionaryToken .

2. Opportunity for experimenting with cryptocurrencies without the risk of losing your money.

3. Possibility of investing in a collector’s item, a unique NFT, when you acquire a #RevolutionaryToken.


IDEAS Labs  is a Costa Rica-based social, political and regulatory innovation lab.

We assign the necessary capabilities and resources to improve the design of solutions-inspired by principles of freedom and free markets-and their delivery strategies in order to accelerate their implementation and maximize their positive impact on society.

IDEAS Labs collaborates with leaders in the public and private sectors, NGOs, and donors who share our values to create a powerful engine of innovation that makes it possible to overcome challenges to freedom that, because of their complexity or scale, we could not aspire to solve on our own.

We have a positive impact on people’s lives through the strategic design for the implementation of private and public solutions for complex social, political, and regulatory

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