Luis E. Loría

Mr. Loria completed doctoral studies (Dr. Cand.) at the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University as a Fulbright Scholar. While at Harvard, he collaborated in projects related with the practice of leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and knowledge-management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Since 2001, he is also the President of Strategic Advantage Consulting Group.

Mr. Loria accumulates more than twenty years of experience as a senior consultant to both public and private sector leaders, including top-level government authorities, in more than a dozen Latin American countries.

He has collaborated with public and private entities and NGOs in topics related with Public Policies, Applied Economics, Investment Promotion, Competitiveness and Innovation. A native of Costa Rica, Mr. Loria has lectured in graduate programs of Business, Economics, and Government throughout Latin America.

He has written case studies, articles, and book chapters on his areas of expertise. Additionally, he participates actively on public forums and debates on fiscal and monetary policy, conditional cash transfers, entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness, open innovation, and collective intelligence.